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Secretlovetoyz will define our success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. We offer you the world's largest hip sex toy for men.  With skillful design implementation and professional manufacture production, our sex toys provide an intense sexual pleasure and experience.  Our almost 7 years of operation has given us extensive knowledge with understanding customers needs and wants in this adult toy industry.  We are dedicated and proud to serve you with a high quality product worth its every penny.


Secretlovetoyz creates its product with one goal in mind.  We provide an alternative option for men who wish to upgrade the level of masturbation.  We provide the means to fulfill the sexual fantasy of a woman with a huge butt.  Another great fact is that our product can also offer a few Pros to its user:  




1. Premature ejaculation time can be improved with extended usage of toy.


2. Sexual stamina and sexual endurance can be conditioned with usage of toy.


3. Cheating on your partner may be avoided and possibly eliminated with usage of toy.


4. Cardiovascular health can be improved with proper breathing during usage of toy.


5. Safe sex is being performed and practiced.




Please remember that sexual activity is considered a physical activity.  Be sure to hydrate daily and perform light stretching to not injure any muscles.  Proper breathing during exercise can improve your cardiovascular health and performance.  Be considerate for your body and rest when needed, put the butt away and recover for a day.  Secretlovetoyz 



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Discreet Shipping.  Shipping varies due to amount of orders in front of yours.  All sales are final once product is being made.  No refunds after receiving product.

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To accomodate our customers busy schedules, we have extended our hours and are now open later.

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