25 Inch Fantasia Dream $1200

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Mmmmm! Take a look at that big ole 25 inch wide sugar booty!  It's the creme de la creme dream come true.  Your fantasy sex toy has appeared in front of your eyes and you can now bring this fantasy home.  Dress her in your sexiest desires! Skirts! Thongs! G-strings! Booty Shorts! Daisy Dukes galore! MMMM! Her big booty is so sexy and just waiting for a pounding! 

This sex toy wants to jiggle, shake, and wiggle her booty for you all night long. You will bang her hard but also will love that she bangs you back! Check out the gallery to see her newest design.  Available in ebony, white, & tan

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This extra extra large butt was designed to mimic a woman's sexy and extra large fantasy butt!  Here's a sex toy delight for the big butt fan!  Featuring nice juicy butt cheeks combined with a nice juicy plump vagina. Smack this butt and watch it jiggle so sexy.  The vagina and anus both feature a separate entry tunnel.  Both exterior entry's have realistic details.  Each interior tunnel is uniquely designed in girth with satisfying texture to provide a pleasurable orgasmic feeling during penetration. 


This entire butt may be fully submerged into warm water temperature (No more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit) to absorb warm heat for a more desired realistic experience.


The angle's of the tunnel are placed according to realistic positioning.  The tunnel's are placed horizontally for maximum pleasure.   If you have an above average penis (9 inches +) be assured that the approximate 8+ inch inner tunnels will be extremely satisfying.



DIMENSIONS:  25 inches in width - 14 inches in height - 14 inches in length




WEIGHT:  85 -/+ pounds (Estimated)  Caution: Heavy





Water based is preferred. Silicone based lubricants do not damage this material.  If you wish to test your TPE sex toy with silicone lubricant, use the bottom of the base and do a test spot.  If the area does not become sticky or gummy, then the silicone lubricant should be compatible.



Contact us if you have any questions regarding your allergens. Our staff is looking forward to assisting you.


We pride ourself on providing a high quality TPE (Not 100% Silicone) product and offer a quality guarantee.  


This product is billed discreetly and shipped discreetly.  


Contact us if located out of the domestic United States area.  

6 - 8 Weeks Delivery ETA


Shipping non essentials cost is still rising due to covid.  Our current form of shipping is by sea cargo.  Currently takes 40-60 days total, Please have patience with the worlds express shipping inflation crisis.


Delivery time can vary due to the amount of orders in production.


All sales are meant to be final. Please do not commit to a purchase if you are not 100% decided. Once the doll is being produced your funds are already transmitted.  These dolls are always made fresh.


This makes it very hard to process a refund, we would ask if you could wait until we sold your unit to process your refund.  Again, please do not purchase unless fully decided.

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